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Find Out How Why 9/10 Homeowners Prefer to Sell to Pro Home Offer Instead of Realtors

At Pro Home Offer, we never say no to a home that is not in perfect condition. We buy all types of houses to help you close quickly and get the most money for your home!

Traditional House Sales

Uncertain closing with no guarantees

Pay 6% in Real Estate Agent commissions plus fees

Long sales timeline, often 6-12 months from start to finish

Unpredictable offers, timeline could take months

Home repairs, renovations, and upgrades needed.

No costly, time-consuming renovations or repairs needed

Close in as little as 7 days, stay up to 30 days after closing

No finance, appraisal, or home sale contingencies necessary

Reliable and trusted real estate brand since 2011

NO FEES to sell your home

Real Estate Investors

Small-scale local operators, not a trusted brand

Zero Transparency; often motivated by their own agenda…

Will take advantage and profit from you

High-risk they will back out, coasting you time and money

High-pressure sales tactics, often not trustworthy

Owe Taxes

Houses where the owner owes taxes and is unable to pay them off. 


Houses that have accumulated too much debt and need to be sold.

No Equity

Houses that have little or no equity that the owner wants to sell.


Houses that need to be sold due to liquidation and need to be sold.


Houses that need to be sold fast because the owner has to move.

Title Issues

Houses that need to be sold because the owner has a bad title.

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